Jame’s Qualifications

Completed the KCTC course in Residential Home Building.
-Gained knowledge of the home building process from start to finish.

Spent 16+ years in Residential Construction and 5+ years in Commercial Construction.
-Working in many different areas and fields, gaining extensive knowledge on the ins and outs of the home.

Completed training and certification through the nation’s most respected education institute. American Home Inspectors Training Institute (AHIT). Master Courses include:
– Introduction & Overview; Risk Management; Liability; Technical Inspections;   Inspector Appearance and Ethics; General Limitations and Exclusions; Standards of   Practice; Report Management; Inspection Agreement Forms; Inspection Procedures;  Structural Components; Foundations and Drain Systems; Foundation Types;     Inspecting Slabs; Pilings, Piers and Beams; Inspecting Cracks; Exterior Structural   Movement; Interior Structural Movement; Interior Structural Inspection; Basement  Structural Components; Framing; Roof Trusses; Structural System Report;   Exteriors; Siding; Stucco; Masonry Walls; Trim; Windows; Doors; Balconies; Decks;   Patios, Walks and Driveways; Landscaping and Grading; Inspecting the   Garage; Gutters and Downspouts; Exterior Inspection Report; Roofing; Roof   Types; Roofing Structures and Attic Structures; Roof Coverings; Asphalt   Shingles; Built Up Roofing; Roll Roofing; Slates, Asbestos, Cement, Concrete, and   Tile Roofing; Metal and Singly Ply Roofing; Flashing; Chimneys; Roof Inspection   Report; Plumbing; Plumbing Configuration and Pipe Types; Pipes and  Valves; Pumps; Drain Waist and Vent Piping; Service Entrance; Sub Panels,   Breakers and Fuses; Wire Inspections; Fixtures and Switches; Electrical Inspection   Report; Heating; Oil Components; Gas Components, Fans and Limiters; Gravity   Warm Air Furnaces; Forced Warm Air Furnaces; Burners and Heat Exchangers; Boilers and Gauges; Other Heating System Types; Heating Inspection   Report; Evaporators; Compressors and Condensers; Heat Pump Components; Heat   Pumps; Evaporative Coolers; Cooling Inspection   Report; Interiors; Walls; Floors; Windows; Doors, Stairs and Balconies; Interior  Electrical; Plumbing, Kitchen and Bathroom; Interior Heating and Air   Inspection; Appliance Inspection and Homeowner Tricks; Interior Inspection   Report; Insulation and Ventilation; Insulation Types; Attic Ventilation; Attic   Structure; Mold, Asbestos, Termites and Septic Tanks; Insulation Inspection   Report; AHIT Mission; Why Homes Are Inspected; Inspector Qualifications; Different   Types Of Inspections; Fireplaces; Fireplace Types and Function; Inspecting   Fireplaces; Solid Fuel Stoves, Boilers and Furnaces; Fireplace Inspection   Report; Getting Certified; Water Heater Components; Faucets and Fixtures; Gas   Lines; Plumbing Inspection Report; Electrical; Main Service Panel; Grounding and   Bonding; Panels; Air Conditioning; Explaining Air Conditioning Systems


Received Training from AHIT for Wood Destroying Organisms.
Courses Include:
-Decay/Fungi; Insects – Beetles; Termites: Subterranean Termites; Carpenter Ants;  Type Tests – Marine Borers; Birds and Other Animals; Preventing  Deterioration; Preventing Structural Infestation; Wood/Trees; Sentricon Demo; Green  Barriers; Drywood Termite Treatment


Webinar AHIT 2013
-Exterior of the home


Grand Rapids Association of Realtors Affiliate Member
Follow the GRAR Affiliate Member Code of Ethics.