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Home Inspection

By ordering a home inspection through J D M Home Inspections, you will have the chance to walk through your new or current home with one of our trained and knowledgable inspectors and have your questions answered on the spot. We offer detailed, easy to read reports within 24 hours. Our inspectors check everything from the Roof to the Basement. We evaluate every space possible and go where other inspectors won't. We climb onto roofs, up into attics, and crawl through crawl spaces to get the job done right. You'll find in our reports:

  • Grounds - Sidewalks, Driveway, Porch, Patio, Deck, Fences, Foundation, etc.
  • Roof - Flashing, Valleys, Skylights, Plumbing Vents, Gutters, Chimney, etc.
  • Exterior - Siding, Trim/Soffit/Fascia, Foundation, Wall Construction, Doors, etc.
  • Garage/Carport - Safety Reverse, Roof, Overhead Doors, Electrical Receptacles, etc.
  • Kitchen - Countertops, Cabinets, Plumbing, Floor, etc.
  • Laundry Room - Washer/Dryer hookups, Condition, etc. 
  • Bathrooms - Sinks, Tub/Shower, Toilets, Window, Exhaust Fan, etc.
  • Interior - Ceilings, Walls, Windows, Doors, Floor, Fireplace, etc.
  • Attic/Structure/Framing/Insulation - Insulation, HVAC, Structural, Electrical, etc.
  • Basement - Stairs, Foundation, Walls, Floors, Sump pump, Girders/Beams, etc.
  • Plumbing - Flow, Pipes supply, Drain, Fuel Line, Water Heater, etc.
  • Heating System - Distribution, Flue Pipping, Filter, System, etc.
  • Air Conditioning - A/C System, Evaporator Coil, Refrigerant Lines, etc.
  • Electrical - Condition, Main Wire, Branch Wire, etc.


Radon is tasteless, odorless, colorless gas that goes undetected by our senses. It is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the U.S. today. Testing is the only way to tell if your home has high levels of radon. There are no immediate symptoms, it could take years for problems to surface. Entering the home through the ground or groundwater, radon can be inhaled or ingested, leading to the potential risk of illness, cancer, or death. It is important to get your home tested for radon. Current studies show 1 in every 5 homes have high levels of radon. If the home does have high levels of radon, the house can be vented properly to reduce the levels to an level that is not harmful to you and your family.

How Radon enters a house

Termites/Wood Destroying Insects

Termites and Wood Destroying Insects are hungry bugs that have a large appetite for our homes. They can compromise our home's structural stability and leave us with unwanted damages and costs if the infestation goes unnoticed or untreated. It is recommended to get your home inspected once a year for these pesky creatures. 


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