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Why you need a home inspection?

If you're buying...

A home inspection will be able to put your mind at ease as a buyer of a new investment. You will be able to have all of your questions answered about your new home and learn tips along the way about the upkeep. The inspection report will be able to give you the means to negotiate with the seller to fix costly repairs prior to closing so you can enjoy your new home without the worry; opt-out of the sale if there are too many repairs that will be unaffordable to you and your family; and even give you tips on how to keep up and maintain your new home. If you are not familiar with homes, the inspection process may teach you how to operate key components in your home and show you where they are located.

If you're selling...

A home inspection could help you sell your home faster by providing the buyer with the hidden information they are looking for and by giving you the information the buyer will come to the table with to negotiate. It will give you the opportunity to find out problems before your buyer does and will provide you with the proper disclosures. The inspection may even allow you to increase the price by fixing problems prior to listing your home.

If you own a home...

It is crucial to have a home inspection completed every 2 years and after any inclement weather. Houses, just like us, need checkups. There may be unnoticeable issues going on that could result in unwanted damage that may come with a financial strain. By getting your home inspected every 2 years, this will give you the insight of smaller issues that could most likely turn into large burdens down the road. Check out our "For Homeowners" page under "Services" for more information.

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