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When was the last time you scheduled a "check-up" for your home? Homes may not be alive, but they need attention just the same. Home Inspectors act a lot like doctors for homes, they are able to tell if something could potentially happen by evaluating different systems and components of a home and refer you to specialist, when needed. It is recommended to schedule a "check up" or home inspection every 2 years, just to make sure your home is in good condition.  Most problems are only addressed AFTER something breaks and the damage is already done. Most homeowners don't consider if problems are found early on, the cost to fix the problem at an early stage will most likely be excessively less expensive than letting the problem escalate until the damages need to be repaired. Turning your back on a small problem now, may result in a huge financial strain later, so make sure to schedule a home inspection every 2 years.

Most homeowners believe there is no need to get their home inspected after the real estate transaction, and some are not aware there are home inspections available after they purchase the property. These services have always been available but are rarely marketed by real estate professionals. Buyers and Sellers are typically led to believe they only need to know the condition of the property when it is being purchased or sold. No one suggests to the new homeowner to have the house periodically inspected to avoid costly repairs.

Fear should not be a factor in deciding if you need a home inspection. Every home, whether it be new or old should be inspected every 2 years. No house can pass or fail an inspection. The report tells you what you need to know to keep the home well maintained and safe to reside in.

All of these problems are likely to occur on some level after you sign the closing contract on your home.

1. Structure and mechanical systems continue to deteriorate.

2. Heat (such as the sun) causes building materials to expand which can cause the material to twist, warp, bend, pull apart and cause breaches. These breaches could expose your home to moisture and pests. Long term exposure can lead to extensive damage such as nesting, water-rot, rust, loss of insulation, electrical shorts, mechanical system failures, and more.

3. Ventilation is crucial, especially in homes with gas or wood burning systems. These systems produce a carbon monoxide gas that could cause health problems or poisoning. 

4. Indoor air quality can be worsened by smoke, pet hair, pet dander, dust and more if the heating and air systems are not properly vented and filtered.

5. Water and heat can cause structural components to expand and contract reducing the structural integrity of the home.

6. Cracked chimney or improperly flashed vents can cause water to seep in causing moisture damage, structural rotting, mold growth and more.

7. Improperly grounded electrical systems can lead to fires.

8. Improper insulation can lead to higher energy costs.

It is recommended to get your home inspected every 2 years or immediately after inclement weather.

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