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Why should you choose J D M Home Inspections?

Our inspections are so thorough, you won't be stuck buying a home that will drain your financial resources. We want you to keep your money in your wallet and not in unnecessary hidden repairs in your current or new home. Our inspection reports are done by trained and certified inspectors to ensure you know exactly what you are buying, selling, or living in.
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Same Day Reports 
Same Day Reporting Available              
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"I was unable to make the appointment due to work but my father was able to and he said it was by far the best inspection he has ever been involved in. So thanks to the inspector for answering all his questions and keeping him informed so he could inform me! Greatly appreciated because I was nervous about not knowing what the problems were!"
-Andrew C., Grand Rapids, MI
We pride ourselves with doing quality, honest and thorough work. We inspect as an unbiased independent party and work solely for you. 
"My experience with James was exceptional. He was extremely helpful and open to answer any questions that me or my parents had. He was very thorough and friendly. We really enjoyed the time we had with him and appreciated all the help and knowledge he had to offer us."
-Emily L., Grand Rapids, MI
We evaluate every space possible and go where other inspectors won't. We climb onto roofs, up into attics, and crawl through crawl spaces to get the job done right, which means we find more defects than our competitors. We never rush. Most contracts allow for negotiations of repairs from the sellers or credits at closing, so the more thorough we are, the more defects we find, the more money you save.

"James did a great job, found things we didn't even know about. I would recommend your company to anyone."
-Cathy C., Kentwood, MI

We Want Customers For Life...

We value all of our clients and are here for them with any question they have about their home after their inspection process and anytime in the future. Just give us a call or send us an email and we will be delighted to answer all your questions about your home.
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